We’re slightly undecided on this one. You may remember us not long ago raving about exposed brick walls, and our feelings on that one certainly haven’t changed but on skimming through a weekend supplement Mark pointed out brick effect wallpaper.

Now, the first downfall to this one is that once in a blue moon would a landlord likely let you wallpaper their precious magnolia walls. Heaven forbid. Secondly, how much can brick effect wallpaper, without squinting and blurring your eyes, really give you the desired effect? We suppose we’re just slightly optimistic and need to be proven wrong.

Alas, with all that said, here are a few we’ve come across which are good value for money and would somewhat do the trick.

Wilko £7.46
1. Fine Decor Rustic Brick Wallpaper in Red, £7.46 from Wilko
Homebase, £12.99
2. Arthouse Brick Wallpaper in White, £12.99 from Homebase


Next, £15
3. Wallpaper, £15 from Next
rocket st george £32
4. Brick Wallpaper in White, £32 from Rocket St George
your4walls, £59.99
5. Brick Effect Wallpaper in Red/White, £59.99 from Your4Walls


As always you can find the above at the following: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5.

We’re still yet to give it a full thumbs up,
David & Mark x


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