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Written by David & Mark, Forward Features started as the journey of two interior geeks trying to find a flat. The blog has since become a hub for us to document all aspects of design, interiors, art and London living. Whether it’s the latest industry events, the hottest trends, the best need-to-know collaboration or simply spilling the tea about renting in the city, we love to be on the pulse reporting news from the capital and beyond.

Oh, we’ve won an award too…

Winner of Best Design Inspiration blog by Amara
Winner of Best Design Inspiration blog 2016 by Amara

Just thought we’d slip that in! If you’re looking for a place to read about design, want to discover more about London living and don’t mind a bit of sarcasm, then you’ve come to the right place. Make yourself a brew, pull-up a chair and join us as we chat about the things we want, the things we’re going to get and the things we’ll never be able to afford (but are nice to look at).

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We also have separate accounts so maybe you prefer one of us more than the other? In which case Twitter: David Mark and Instagram: David & Mark.

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