Always Use Protection, Kids! Especially When it Comes to Deposits…

We haven’t blogged about our renting story for a while. When we last left you we wrote a very polite and calm post on how our letting agent didn’t tell us that our flat was simply moving to a new agency and therefore we could of stayed – why not catch-up here. Since then, we’ve moved to our pad in Peckham where we’ve created a new home. However, our Tooting flat was never far from our thoughts.

We’ve been struggling to get our deposit back, as the way we left the flat has been put into question so read on to find out about how we’ve handled the situation and called upon a service who will ultimately decide your fate…

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2017 Interior Trends Through the Eyes of Instagram

2016 was a whirlwind year – we’ve seen Brexit and Trump somehow being elected to the most powerful position in the world. Loved celebrities have been dropping like flies. Phones have been exploding mid-flight. We’ve said good-pie to BBC Bake Off and became obsessed with Stranger Things. To finish the year, we ended on a slightly marshmallowy-pine scented note with hygge (not our favourite, to say the least).


So what’s in store for 2017? We’ve scoured Instagram, looking at the most inspirational accounts to compile a mood-post of what we think will be hot in the home for the year ahead and to hopefully give you some ideas for your own schemes… Continue reading

Girl Caves Vs. Man Caves – What’s The Difference?

We all need somewhere to chill out in our homes. Whether it’s a nook in a bedroom or a cosy window-sill to read a book on, there’s something to be said for creating a little haven where you live. However, this isn’t a new concept – yep you’ve guessed it – we’re talking about Man Caves and Girl Caves…


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Three New Launches You Need To Know About for January

Tube strikes? No thank you. Rainy weather? I’d rather not. Spent your whole January wage in two weeks? Help me, I’m poor.

If you’re anything like us then these things will ring true. Well let’s put those January blues at bay with a few things that have launched this month. You may have to wait until February to buy them but it can’t help to look at something pretty, right?


Let’s have a look what’s on offer…

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It’s Good to be a Sissy, Boy…

On one of our recent trips to Bruges, as well as canal walks and drinking our fair share of beer, we of course had some retail therapy and one of the places we came across is Sissy Boy.


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