Klout as currency? What a genius idea – and one which the guys over at Nokia Lumia adopted in order to help young creatives raise awareness of their art and ultimately “sell” their pieces. It’s called #100aires and it’s a social media initiative.

Exhibiting at a pop-up store at the Old Truman Brewery in East London, 100 pieces of art, from photography and paintings, graphics to sculpture and jewellery to clothing, donned the room.

Each piece of art is marked with a coloured sticker which relates to a Klout score (Yellow 55+, orange 45+), you find a piece of artwork that you like and ultimately can afford with your Klout score and “bid” using social media. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram or Vine, you simply need to include the hashtag #100aires as well as the hashtag on your art pieces plaque and an image of the piece which will then be assessed by the experts where they then choose the winner.

You can watch the Vine that sealed the deal here.

A simple idea and a great one. We gave it a shot and lucky David left with this piece by photographer Joe Long.


A shiny new piece which will sit nicely alongside the others pieces which we’re slowly collecting. Managing to catch in the last day, the competition has now ended but we predict many more social media initiatives like this to come… Keep an eye out!

Bidding you goodbye for now,
David & Mark x

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