Two workstations have been introduced to us this week, one from Cult Furniture and another from Ikea. Both lovely, we had our sights set on the little orange number and were planning on buying it in September until we noticed this cutie.

photo 1

En route for cocktails with a friend, we were walking passed Oasis in Tooting (the Aladdin’s cave where our chair came from) when we noticed this bureau in the doorway. Unable to resist taking a look we popped in and fell in love. Although not contemporary like the one from Ikea, we loved it’s charm and think that with a good varnish we can really bring it back to life.

photo 4
Bureau and chair keeping each other company!

We were quoted £30 – a decent price – but decided to continue on and have a think with a plan of returning back the next day and letting the fates decide. Sunday came and luckily it was still sitting there, this time with a price tag of £15 – well, that sealed the deal, and now he’s camping out in Anna’s room until we move.

photo 3

It’s a little wobbly but once weighted down with books etc it will be solid as a rock.

photo 2

Time to get to work,
David & Mark x

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