Music is such a big part of our lives that we want to somehow incorporate this into our interiors! Now, we don’t actually have a record player, but Mark does have a lot of vinyl that he’s picked up over the years. Together we have pretty eclectic music taste and sometimes we do disagree, but the one thing we can both agree on is that a colourful vinyl looks fantastic in a frame.

Framing vinyl is an easy way to create an easy-to-change installation which can reflect both of our tastes and can be switched about to illustrate the change in the seasons. We’ve spotted these GLADSAX Frames from Ikea which are priced at £5. These are such a bargain, as Mark has typically bought more expensive versions from Urban Outfitters in the past.

Framed Records from Ikea
GLADSAX Frames from Ikea

Old records are so easy to pick up and you can usually get them for a total bargain. Great places to check out are your local charity shops, any market or keep an eye out for an Oxfam Music or Fopp, where you can always find something magical.

Here’s our little wishlist for creating our little slice of musical history:


Grace Jones



Camera Obscura

Bat for Lashes

LCD Soundstystem

If you’ve seen any fantastic album covers that you’d love to frame, we’d love to see them!

Spinning away now,
David & Mark x

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