It’s design Jim; but not as we know it. As part of London Design Festival, we ventured along to Design Junction at the Old Sorting Office just at Holborn to see what design gems we could see and what the key trends were going forward.

As big fans of Design Junction, it’s always on our radar when it comes to LDF. Awash with the latest skandi-inspired pieces, some amazing space-saving innovations – not to mention a Tom Dixon warehouse sale (!), the show did not disappoint and we racked up quite the mental shopping list. However, we did see one key trend that we think might just be big for 2015 – and that’s Space-Age.

Now we’re not exactly talking astronaut shaped lamps – it’s a little more refined than that! Our first (space) port of call was the Starry Light by Anagraphic on display. This really simple idea had quite a large impact on us, because it was just so beautiful. Hundreds of hand-placed holes projected the pendant’s light on to the roof and walls above, giving it a truly interstellar appearance.

Starry Light

Starry Light

What was most incredible about the light was the fact that the holes were placed to give accurate representations of constellations. These can be your favourite seasonal sky or perhaps the sky of home, if you’ve moved far enough for your current view to be different – we thought this was quite a sweet idea.

From the sublime to the not-so-ridiculous was the KronLeuchter from Neonwhite Design. This spectacular pendant caught our eye as it was closing down on the head of one of their team on the stand. See what we mean below:

Neonwhite Design
Image courtesy of NeonWhite Design

While slightly clinical, we loved the mechanism of this LED-heavy chandelier. Its ‘arms’ can be extended or lowered as per the needs of the room where it is placed. The lights can be brightened or dimmed as required. It looked like it had came straight off the Starship Enterprise and we loved the smooth and delicate movements.

Next we experienced an alien encounter – or so we thought. Spotting these “Eyes 4” by designer Myung Nam An we thought they must be lights or some kind of new-fangled way of hanging coats.

photo 2(1)

However, these cute little urchins are just for display! These would be a great addition to a kids bedroom or just an interior scheme needing something simply out of this world…

Next we spotted Julian Mayor‘s stand, who we want to coin the ‘King of Geometric’. His intricate designs encapsulated the space-age trend we’d spotted in his stand and his reflective chair and floating shelf design did not disappoint.

Julian Mayor (1)

Julian Mayor (2)

Did you see anything else intergalactic at London Design Festival? Share this trend with us on Twitter!

Beam us up, Scotty,
David & Mark x

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