On Sunday we set off to Oxford Street (mad, we know) to run some errands; David got his watch fixed and window shopped for a laptop (which he bought today – hoozah!) and Mark browsed around Urban Outfitters for a pea coat. On our way, out of the corner of our eye, there it was… Tiger.

We love Tiger, who doesn’t love novelty Swedish designs at low prices? David was very adamant that we would not go in there and spend money.

So why is it we came out with a bag full of stuff?

Not once ounce of willpower between us.

Whatever though, look how lovely all our stuff is!

Goodies from Tiger

Plate from Tiger


Coasters from Tiger


Milk jug from Tiger

Unfortunately, Tiger haven’t embraced E-commerce just yet (they must sell too much stuff!) but there’s a small selection you can browse through here and put your wish list together…

If you haven’t been to a Tiger store, don’t. You will spend money.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you,
David & Mark x

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