Good old Cher. Everyone loves a Cher gif no?

No not her…

Or her!

That’s the one!

And in honour of the Turn Back Time singer and due to the clocks going back this weekend, here are some perfect clocks to adorn the walls.

Dual Station Clock, £69 - dwell
Dual Station Clock, £69 – dwell
Grey Felt Clock, £120 - Habitat
Grey Felt Clock, £120 – Habitat
Mini Cucu Clock, £35.96 - Hollys House
Mini Cucu Clock, £35.96 – Holly’s House
Mozia Yellow Clock, £85 - SMUG
Mozia Yellow Clock, £85 – SMUG
Blue Cat Clock, £25 - Theo Theo
Blue Cat Clock, £25 – Theo Theo
Emmerson Clock, £64.95 - West Elm
Emmerson Clock, £64.95 – West Elm

Hope you enjoyed your extra hour in bed,
David & Mark x

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