Anyone who has a rented flat will know sometimes they don’t come with inspiring light fittings. However, always keen to make our place a little cosier with alternative finds, we stumbled across a little company called Skinflint – and we’re a little bit in love. If you’re an avid follower of our blog, you’ll know our penchant for reclaimed finds and restored items as we love how they have a character you can bring into your home. Think of them as old friends…

After doing a bit of a reshuffle in the bedroom, our sights are set on something for David’s bedside table. It’s a bit of a dark corner and is surrounded by white walls, so we know we want something that will really stand out and create a statement in this corner. Then, like the holy grail of bedside lighting, we saw Skintflint’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection!

Spring/Summer Collection 2015 from Skinflint Design
Spring/Summer Collection 2015 from Skinflint Design

The collection focuses on reclaimed work lights, each with a story of its own, which have been sourced from a diverse range of locations; Wall mounted reading lights salvaged from a Victorian asylum sit alongside spring-green twin-arm machinist lights salvaged from a Czech factory. Each light in the collection has been lovingly restored by Skinflint’s team of expert craftspeople, making the collection ready for modern day use.

However, one light in particular did catch our eye…

14_2035_Laboartory lights. Circa 1950_
Vintage wall mounted machinists light – £480.00, Skinflint Design


A vintage wall mounted machinists’ light, which was salvaged from a factory in the former Czechoslovakia. Circa 1950, the polished aluminium shade and base with triple brushed and lacquered steel arm arrangement and full rotational and lockable adjustment at shade, base and arm interconnections, means this light is versatile addition to any room in the home.  It’s maybe a shade too expensive for us at the moment as we are actual skinflints, but we can dare to dream!

What piece from the collection would you love to introduce to the other reclaimed finds in your home? Let us know on Twitter on in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out Skinflint on Facebook & Twitter.

We’re off to pinch a penny,
David & Mark x

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