While sitting in the garden we suddenly had a realisation. We were in t-shirts and not chittering… Maybe Spring has actually sprung? Maybe it’s time to hang away the thick winter coats and crack out the lighter clothes and – dare we say it – put on our shorts?

But while we had LOADS of storage in our flat, we seem to be making the most of it as we are. Who knew we had so much stuff?! So where do we put all our Winterfell-esque garbs and keep them packed away while we soak up the sun now it’s warmer?

Aside for being a great hiding place for Kiki, we never really use under the bed. Mark doesn’t even put his shoes here any more, now we have a nifty shoe cupboard (it’s a miracle). So we’ve decided to use this space the best we can by finding these handy storage ideas from around the interiors world. Don’t tell Kiki though…

With our exposed floorboards we thought it was best to stick to something nice and natural. Check out these ideas and tell us what you think:


1. Herefoss Wooden Storage Box, £40.00 – Ikea | 2. Under Bed Rolling Storage Crate, $198.00 – Remodelista | 3. Underbed Storage, £325.00 – EatSleepLive | 4. Willow Trunk Underbed Storage, £51.00 – Laura Ashley

If you’ve seen anything else that would be the perfect storage idea for under our bed, let us know on Twitter. However, please don’t say those awful plastic numbers…

We’re away under the bed,
David & Mark x

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