Before we get in to this post just ponder over this for a second… the world produces 288 million tons of plastic a year. None of that is biodegradable. So where does it go?

Last week we had the pleasure of heading to The Ham Yard in Soho for the screening of The Plastic Age, a film on the growing concern of using plastic and what it’s doing to our environment.


The answer to wear our plastic goes is very simple – landfills and the ocean.

We’ve had the Stone Age, the Iron Age and the Bronze Age but now this is the Plastic Age, and it’s scary. The world is slowly filling up with plastic and not many places for it to go.

Now this is a clothing collaboration, so slightly steering away from interiors, but sustainability is something which can be connected to all industries and what this collaboration is doing is definitely something the interiors and textiles world could take note of.

G Star RAW, Pharrell Williams and Parley for the Oceans have teamed up to create RAW for the Oceans, essentially denim made from plastic. The plastic has been collected by Parley for the Oceans, a wonderful environmental organisation who retrieve the waste plastic and working with their partner Bionic Yarn (which Pharrell is an investor of) they create these eco-friendly collections in collaboration with G Star RAW. Pretty great stuff.

Neck Sweat, £90
Neck Sweat, £90
Long Tee, £50
Long Tee, £50

The film, which has been created by i-D, presented by Pharrell and directed by Jake Sumner, is engaging, moving and daunting as it shows what’s happening to the oceans in The Plastic Age – see for yourselves…

We came away asking ourselves what can we do to help? We don’t know about you but plastic is a huge part of our lives, from a carrier bag in a shop to a bottle of water or even the containers you buy your salads out of in Pret and Itsu, we use plastic in every aspect of our lives without even realising or taking a second thought.

We guess the first step is awareness which is the wonderful thing about this documentary and we’d urge you to pass this film along to someone you know or share our post with those on your Twitter and Facebook and hopefully we can spread the word about the dangers of plastic just that little bit more.

Life in plastic? Not so fantastic.
David & Mark x

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