Another month, another 5 Minutes With! This time we’re chatting to Charlie Marshall, founder of sofa giants…

Charlie Marshall, Loaf
Charlie Marshall, Founder of Loaf

Tell us about the first place you called “home” and how did you make it your own?

I grew up in Notting Hill and my first home was actually around the corner from our showroom in the area. It was full of natural light, looked out onto the garden and I was proud of it because I did it up myself. I smashed through into the roof and opened up the living room and kitchen into one big comfy room, making it fun for having loads of friends round. There were no inspiration sites like Pinterest so it was a great process figuring out what I liked and what I didn’t (usually on a trip to trawl Golborne Road!).

You describe Loaf as “the most up-tight, laid-back company there is” – who is the Loaf customer and why are they buying from Loaf?

Our typical customer is women between 35 and 55 and the rocket-munching public who appreciate good design. And we’re fusspots about detail whilst selling laid-back furniture that makes you smile.

Loaf - Atticus sofa from £1,195 high res
Atticus sofa from £1,195


“We’re fusspots about detail whilst selling laid-back furniture that makes you smile”

Loaf - Dimple large footstool from £395 high res
Dimple large footstool from £395

This week is an exciting week as you’re launching a new mid-season collection – can you tell us more about the range – we’ve had a peek and we must say it looks rather cosy!

The new range is really a continuation of what we’ve been doing, with five ridiculously comfy sofas, a couple of footstools and our fancy new Shortbread bed – all handmade by our chaps up in Derbyshire. There are also 30 new fabrics with slightly punchier velvets, cottons and linens along with a great mix of easy to live with neutrals. We reckon customers are becoming much braver with colour and the Pudding sofa in Burnt Orange velvet is becoming a hands down favourite already!

Loaf - Pudding sofa from £1,195 high res4
Pudding sofa from £1,195
Loaf - Shortbread bed from £795 high-res
Shortbread bed from £795

What else does the future hold for Loaf, are there any exciting launches or collaborations in the pipeline?

We’re well on the way to planning our first Loaf Shack – a London-based store that’s going to be a Loafers paradise. Keep your eyes peeled for more news soon!

Buying any big pieces for the home such as beds and sofas can be an exciting, yet daunting, experience. Do you have any tips for those planning on investing in pieces soon?

My advice would be to think about whether you might still like something in five years time and to go for style over fashion.

For me the important pieces like a new bed, sofa or kitchen table are the bones of any home. So concentrate on getting these right. Spaces evolve over time and your look will probably change. It’s much easier to mix-up cushions and rugs rather than larger investment pieces – these should be lifers.

“Go for style over fashion”

Does that Pudding sofa not look like the most nap-able piece of furniture?! Check out the new additions to the Loaf range and the full collection here and keep a watch for the new London store, it’s bound to be a goodun!

David & Mark x

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