Last week we headed to Tory Burch who was celebrating the launch of Dodie Thayer’s lettuce homewares collection.

We had already spotted this range in many of the national supps and glossy monthlies and noticed on Twittter that it had mixed reviews.

We, personally, love it – hey, David even went as far as making awful leaf puns…

Ok, ok, we’ll leaf the puns alone.

No seriously, that’s enough.

Here are some more vegetable interiors which will get you wanting your five a day…

How does your garden grow
1. Chopping Boards by Seletti, £69.95 each from | 2. Salad Bowl and Servers, starts at £6.00 from Laura Ashley | 3. Dodie Thayer Lettuce Leaf Collection, starts at £60 from Tory Burch | 4. Placemats by Lush Designs, £39 for set of 4 from Unique & Unity | 5. Rabbit and Cabbage Deck Chair, £135 from Thornback & Peel

What do you think of Dodie Thayer’s collection? Do you find it eclectic and swoon-worthy or perhaps a tad gimmicky?

Drop us a comment or lettuce know on Twitter.

Sorry, couldn’t resist!
David & Mark x

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