It’s that time of year again where London becomes adorned with rainbow flags and everything gets a little more ‘fabulous’. Yes, it’s Pride in London this weekend and we’re getting ready to be loud and proud in Central London.

Now we all know the preconceptions with Pride and we’re not about to suggest getting rainbow cushions for just one weekend of the year, but why not have something a little colourful in your home to always ensure you’re just a little bit proud of who you are?

Forward Features Lounge

With us, for example we have this fantastic pop-art rug from Dwell down in our lounge. It was on Mark’s wish-list for a while and we’re so glad it ties in so well with the rest of our room. We think it’s good to show that you can have one thing that’s bold and beautiful without overpowering the full room. That’s maybe why we shy away from such bright colours when decorating – you think that the space is going to turn into some kind of garish Gene Wilder-esque Charlie and the Chocolate Factory nightmare.

Fear not, it need not be a multi-coloured swap shop! Just pick one or two subtle statement pieces that will blend in with your room and become – pardon the pun – part of the furniture. Here’s our pick of the best nods to Pride we’ve seen in the interiors world:

Pride Products
1. Carousel Collection,£31.00 per metre from Samuel & Sons; 2. AGNES red striped cushion, £36.00 from Habitat; 3. Rainbow Three Drawer Bedside Cabinet, £33.99 from World Stores; 4. Karlsson Pictogram Rainbow Wall Clock, £29.95 from; 5. Pantone Colour Coaster Set, £15.00 from Houseology

What way would you incorporate some Pride into your home? Bold and beautiful or a subtle statement? Whatever way you do it, just make sure you love yourself. Cause if you can’t love yourself how-in-the-hell are you gonna’ love anybody else…

Happy Pride folks,
David & Mark x

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