Oh macaron’s, those scrummy little treats. Last year they were hugely trendy here in London. Well, now we’ve come across a lovely interiors alternative which won’t rot your teeth!

Macaron Lamp_Silvia Cenal (4)Macaron Lamp_Silvia Cenal (6)These light shades by Spanish designer Silvia Ceñal are inspired by the French sweets. The design is simple – a fir plywood base is linked together with vivid textile cords and with a choice of blue, red and white you could opt for a nautical look or why not go for the yellow, an ideal choice for the summer sun.

Macaron Lamp_Silvia Ceñal (1)

It’s nice to see something a little more tactile and textural within lighting and we think they’d look great with an Edison bulb visible. What do you think of these macaron influenced designs – a bright idea or not quite your taste?

To shop the collection click here and drop us a comment to let us know your thoughts.

David & Mark x

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