In the world of interiors, florals never die.

Florals in interiors tend to lean towards more feminine tastes but who’s to say that they can’t work for a man den, home office or bedroom. Here’s a few ideas on how to give flowers a harder edge…

Firstly, forget roses and pretty pinks. Think more about deep, dark hues such as blacks, midnight blues and dark greens.

Credit: Heart Home

Keep it regimented and not too ‘free-flowing’, William Morris wallpaper has some wonderful designs such as this militant thistle motif…

Credit: Morris & Co

A huge trend for 2015 has been Botanical and Marks & Spencer championed with their collection of flora inspired homewares. Leaf prints are a perfect departure from typical flowers and green and black is a winning combination.

Credit: Marks & Spencer

It doesn’t have to be in your face either – a subtle rug for instance will add a lighter touch to your interior…

Credit: Pinterest

Finally, think about pairing floral soft furnishings and accessories with more traditional patterns of plaid and check for the perfect balance of masculine and feminine.

Credit: Ikea

Now we’re not saying to completely ditch the pinks, oranges and yellows – hey, we personally love them. However for any guys out there wanting to bring a touch of flora to your room or perhaps your a couple trying to find a good compromise then hopefully these ideas will help you out a little.

Sending you flower power,
David & Mark x

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