It was only a matter of time before someone took editorial coverage, e-commerce and merged the two into one. Uber-cool design magazine Wallpaper* have done just that and have launched the WallpaperSTORE*. Featuring design-led products for just about every walk of life and home, the store definitely has us salivating and our wallets trembling.


With our holiday to Spanish Spain just around the corner, we’re lusting after the ‘Discerning Jetsetter’ section, with everything you need for grooming while travelling. We love the journals and the beautiful Vk1 classic earphones – perfect for drowning out those screaming kids on the flight.

The Modern Home at WallpaperSTORE*

However, holiday-mode aside, we are loving ‘The Modern Home’ section. With mixes of metallic and ceramics to create layered displays in your home, we love the offerings from the store. With a price point of around £600 for a pair of ice tongs, it’s certainly out of our reach at the moment but it’s the perfect place for us to go for inspiration and dare to dream.

The online store is live now and keen to move into the ‘clicks-and-mortar’ world, a physical store is on the horizon – which we look forward to visiting! Have a browse of the website and let us know what your favourite pieces are over on our Twitter.

Happy browsing (if you’re poor like us…),
David & Mark x

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