Tuesday night and we found ourselves in a Neo meets Morpheus situation, do we take the blue drink or the red drink?

Well, we made our choice and down the rabbit hole we went to the Alice in Wonderland pop-up shop at The British Library.


It’s the 150th year of Lewis Caroll’s trippy tale and to celebrate The British Library has transformed a former ticket booth into a space that any Alice fan would lose their head over.


From books and crockery, candles to ties, the shop has an array of innovative and exciting gifts. Graphic homewares from Cha Com Letras, screen printed dolls from Gunna Ydri, plates designed by Eleanor Stewart or whimsical accessories from Mrs Moore’s Vintage, there is a piece of Wonderland for everyone.

The pop-up is to coincide with an upcoming Alice in Wonderland exhibition, also at The British Library, planned to open this November so keep your eyes peeled for that. However in the meantime, the pop-up, which has been cleverly designed by Arantxa Garcia from Exhibeo VM, should be enough to tickle your taste buds.


For full opening hours, information and to shop the product online, click here.

Curiouser and curiouser…

David & Mark x

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