Whether you’re seeking inspiration for revamping the home or you’re a vintage-fanatic, there’s a new coffee table book which is just the one for you.

IMG_2806Vintage Home is a practical collector’s guide, a celebration of a century of great design and a definitive style guide to combining retro and contemporary pieces in your home. Antiques expert Judith Miller selects hundreds of items, ranging from both serious and costly designer creations, which sell in major auction houses worldwide, to cheerful mass produced kitsch, which you can pick up in car boot sales, charity shops and flea markets.

Retro Mix
Retro Mix
New Look
New Look

The book includes items from around the world that were made for every taste and budget; for example, alongside fabulous Murano glass there are pieces of more affordable Czech and German glass from the same period, and later copies of Arne Jacobsen’s Ant chair (below), designed in 1952, sell for a tenth of the price of the original. Designers throughout the 20th century were driven by the possibilities of mass-production and excited by the host of new materials. Technological advances – including the development of revolutionary components such as plastics and fibreglass – filtered into home design.

The consequence is a fabulous array of every type of object for the collector and home owner. Incorporating furniture and accessories from different eras into the modern home takes a good eye to avoid the appearance of a museum set. The homes featured in this book show how, when skilfully curated and carefully placed, period pieces from all decades can sit comfortably in a contemporary setting, producing a look that is effortlessly stylish and always individual.

Piero Fornasetti
Piero Fornasetti


With Eames in the spotlight at the moment, this book is a great insight in to even more vintage delights. Educational and aspirational, each page is filled with colour and design to inspire and it has certainly given us plenty of design inspiration for our home.

To grab your copy of Vintage home click here.

David & Mark x

*Thank you to publishers Jacqui Small for sending a copy for review – we thoroughly enjoyed the book! For more information on working with us, head here.

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