At this time of year with X Factor, I’m a Celebrity and Bake Off still fresh in our heads, we’ve just about had enough of TV talent shows for 2016. That’s why we’re especially excited for it to be 2017 and for the return of the Great Interior Design Challenge.

What makes the show is the banter and insight we can gleam from the judges – so we thought why not sit down and have a chat with the seasoned veteran of the genre, Daniel Hopwood.


A power-house of design in his own right, Dan runs Studio Hopwood and has been designing the lives of his many, many clients for the past 20 years. Dan & the studio are a small empire, making it ideal for Hopwood to get involved in every project. Working with his hand-picked design team, he makes sure every job they undertake is given the same love and attention-to-detail as each other. Here’s what Dan had to say…

What’s the latest in the world of Daniel Hopwood?

There is never a moment in the Studio when it is not busy. At present I am working from a rather grand house in Regent’s Park to customising a new apartment which is a young man’s first home. As always my clients are very different from each other but all want something that bit special and very creative.

The Rovers Return in Chiswick, Daniel’s latest project 

What can we expect from the new series of The Great Interior Design Challenge?  

The same as every season, tears, joy, lots of ideas to try at home and the great reveals! This season though the contestants have to complete more than just one room and the competition has got even more competitive.

You have a new judge by your side, self-confessed Queen of Taupe, Kelly Hoppen. Have there been any tense moments disagreeing about colour?

“Tense moments? Never, there is a great chemistry between us”

Design is subjective and so of course we at times disagree but we always agree on who is going onto the next round. Tense moments? Never, there is a great chemistry between us, after all we are both passionate about design.

Daniel with host, Tom Dyckhoff and new judge and fellow designer, Kelly Hoppen

The show is such a fantastic way to showcase British talent, how else do you think the design industry could be supporting emerging designers and do you have any advice for those looking to enter the world of interiors?

If you want to become a professional designer, then join your professional body – the British Institute of Interior Design. There you will find great support from experienced designers and educational programmes that will help you on to the next level.

How would you describe your own design aesthetic?

My design aesthetic is based on defining the taste of my clients. From there I can turn their ideas into a liveable spaces that will endure time.

The Rovers Return in Chiswick, Daniel’s latest project

“I can turn their ideas into a liveable spaces that will endure time”

You regularly hold design masterclasses with previous GIDC judge and interior designer, Sophie Robinson, for those thinking about booking, what can they expect?

One of our masterclass student called the masterclass “a spin class for interior design” It is a tough day covering the design process, styling, colour and how to run a project. We have a wide range of people who attend from those planning to renovate their own home to those that plan to become designers themselves. We keep the groups to below 16 so that we can get chance to talk to everyone especially over lunch.

We loved getting some insights from Dan and if you want to find out more about his & Sophie’s masterclasses, click here. You can see Dan, with new host Kelly, back on your screens in 2017 with the Great Interior Design Challenge – at the more commute-friendly time of 8pm! 

Don’t forget to check out Dan’s design portfolio!

Thanks Daniel,
David & Mark x

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