Being short-sighted can be a total pain, but you can make it worthwhile by investing in an amazing pair of glasses. Think of them as a little bit of design for your face, you can inject some of your own personality into them and we love when you can grab something a little bit different.


A new eyewear retailer Eyedoo caught our attention for many reasons and we popped up to see them at their temporary space in Marylebone Station to see what sets these guys apart from the rest…

Started by optical innovator, Bob Forgan, Eyedoo was started to provide stylish, high-quality and affordable eyewear and that’s exactly what it does. Now, buying glasses online can be a scary process; what if they don’t fit, suit your face or you find the frames too heavy? Well never fear, Eyedoo has literally thought of it all. We spoke to its reps in the pop-up and hopefully we’ve got all your burning questions covered!

How do you try glasses on from an online retailer?

First, head to Eyedoo’s website. Then try out the unique 3D styling assistant, which will take a snap of your face via your webcam. The styling assistant will present you with the frames that suit your face the best. Once you’ve picked a couple that you like, you can get up to four sent to your home to try out, free of charge! It’s really that simple…

When you get the glasses at home, you’ve got a stress-free trying process. Try them on with some different outfits and see how the frames work with you. Pick the frame you love and send them back to Eyedoo, where they’ll have these made up for you.

All the frames are really on trend, with many recognisable styles that everyone will love. Here are a few of our favourites…


How do you know if they’ll fit?

Eyedoo make it really easy to send your prescription over. Simply scan a recent prescription document from your optician and the team will do the rest. If you’re feeling confident you can actually enter the numbers yourself too – so just whatever you find easier.

In terms of fitting these to your face, simply rest a credit card under your nose and the guys can gauge how far apart your eyes are – making for a perfect fit. Upload this snap and your glasses will come back fitting like a glove.

How quickly do they come?

So, you’ve picked your frame and given all your measurements, now it’s a waiting game – not for long though. Eyedoo pride themselves on its fast delivery so expect to have your new specs with you within 7 working days (but it will most likely be a lot earlier than that).

How much will they set me back?

Ah! The million dollar question – or in this case, not so much. All of Eyedoo’s glasses are £49. Yes, you read right. £49, including single vision lenses. Bargain, right!?


Alternatively, you may be looking for sunglasses? Well Eyedoo has a range of prescription polarised sunglasses at just £75.

You may wonder why they’re so cheap but don’t fret, Eyedoo believe that everyone should be able to have great-looking, high-quality glasses and its direct-to-consumer approach means they don’t have the expensive overheads of high street premises or costly shop fits. All the products are manufactured using top-quality materials and are comparable with the very best that money can buy.

On top of that, 5% of every purchase goes to Vision Care for Homeless People.

Now that are you waiting for? Click Eyedoo and find yourself a brand new style.

Mark is currently browsing Eyedoo’s sunglasses collection and David went for a new pair of prescription specs. What do you think? Here’s a snap from a recent shoot we had in the flat…

The pop-up is in Marylebone Station until the end of March and until 30th April, use code #eyedoo at checkout for 10% discount. 

Specs away!
David & Mark x

This post is a collaborative review with Eyedoo, all views are our own. For more information on working with us, head here.

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