You may remember an article from not too long ago where we discussed fashion brands entering our homes. Well, here is a prime example of a fashion heavyweight bringing design at its best into our interiors, and doing it awfully well. Let us introduce Gucci Décor.


A beautifully eclectic and curated collection, Gucci Décor is everything you’d expect from the Italian fashion house.

Comprising of chairs, cushions, candles, trays, wallpaper, folding side tables as well as beautifully ornate screens, the range is certain to become a coveted collection for any design lover.

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If you’re a follower of Gucci’s Instagram then you may have spotted the announcement of the new line through a series of illustrated drawings by artist, Alex Merry.

The collection has been created by Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s current Creative Director and has been carefully & meticulously created. Crafted from wood with a lacquered finish, the Chiavari chairs feature velvet cushions embroidered with Gucci’s motifs, one of which is the signature bee which has been taken from the 70s archive. Further motifs within the Gucci Décor range include cats, regal looking dogs, tigers, eyes, snakes as well as botanical and floral prints. These motifs are embroidered and then hand-applied, so it really is an intricate process.


The wallpapers within the Gucci Décor collection depict floral patterns from Gucci’s Fall ’15 collection. The animals are taken from many of Gucci’s iconic clothes and accessories and the candles will be available in an assortment of scents including Inventum, Fumus, Herbosum, and Esotericum – a show of hands for who can tell us exactly what they’re going to smell like?

Illustration by Alex Merry

This look is hitting our homewares in abundance now. A maximalist, eclectic feel that harks back to the renaissance and Victorian homes. Tassels, fringing, bold florals, clashes of pastel colours, all with a strong update of modern iconography. Gucci Décor isn’t the first however, far from. This has been creeping through into many fashion and interior collections. From House of Holland x Habitat and Smeg x Dolce & Gabbana, who took inspiration from Romani gypsies, to House of Hackney, Christian Lacroix, Fornasetti and designers like Abigail Ahern, Gucci Décor’s line fits perfectly amongst the crowd.

Recent trend talks we’ve attended have also predicted the arrival of Paganistic motifs, which are slowly creeping through with the use of fantastical designs such as all-seeing eyes, snakes and cats. Gucci Décor is paving the way for this trend and we’re exciting to see how the collection will progress and how this look will trickle down into the high-street.

If you’d like to get your hands on the new collection, prices start from £110 per roll of wallpaper and work their way up to over £20k for one of the beautiful panelled screens (pocket money). You can click here to check-out the full Gucci Décor line.

Blessed be the fruit,
David & Mark x

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