Last week we were completely thrilled to host our first ever talk at Houzz of 2018. A Renter’s Guide to Decorating was all about simple and easy updates to introduce to a rented home and we hope that everyone who attended, or watched from home, were inspired by some of the ideas. Even if you went away thinking ‘Ah, yes! That would look great in my rented pad’, then we’re happy!


At the start of our talk we fired off a few stats, which for us, just prove how important it is to make renting the best it can be. In London, the average rent per week is £665, the average size of a space is 46sqm and 60% of us will apparently be renting by 2025. Which, when you look back to 2000, it was thought that 60% of us would be OWNING by then! That just goes to show that however you do it, whether it be big investments or small ideas, your rented home HAS to be just that, a home.

If you want to catch-up on our talk then you still can! Make yourself a cuppa, pop your feet-up and watch the video below. We’re also going to be uploading the content from our presentation through a new series on the blog called Renting Rules so sign-up to our email alerts (which you can do by clicking a button somewhere to your right!) and stay up-to-date with all the latest.






A huge thank you to Houzz for asking us to be part of Houzz of 2018 and stay tuned for more talks coming soon!

David & Mark x

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