Is there anything more nerve-wracking than having to view the bathroom of a rented property? Believe you me, we’ve seen sorry states in our time and considering this is a place where you clean – amongst other things – you kind of want to make sure it’s comfortable and ahem sanitary. That’s why it’s super important to get this room in your home right.

One thing we’ve noticed while doing some research for this post is that, either ‘bathroom accessories’ isn’t a hot topic in the e-commerce world or we really all have a bit of a taboo about the bathroom – but accessories can be really hard to find on websites! Jury’s out on that one… Anyway – rather than setting the world to rights, let’s tackle the next of our #RentingRules: How to have a Scandi-style bathroom in a rented flat.

On to the topic at hand – the bathroom. They’re based around the same basic elements; the toilet, sink and a bath or shower. Let’s take these piece by piece and there are some really easy and quick fixes that you can do in your rental property to make these your own. Spoiler alert you might need a screwdriver for some of them, but we promise all the tips here can be reversed and ensure you’ll get that all-important deposit back.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 20.08.18

Let’s start with your sink area. Now in a rented property, more often than not, you’re going to be blessed with white ceramics, which are a super easy base to work with and for you to accessorise. In order to get that super-trendy Scandi look, you’re going to want to start with two base tones to the accessories. White matt finishes or light oak woods are the calling card of this style and a easy way to create a considered look is to make your soap dispenser or dish and toothbrush holder match as a quick win.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 20.21.43
Wooden Bathroom Accessories from Amara – from £13.00

Then it’s time to look up – did your flat come with a pretty boring mirror or cabinet? Surprise – this can come off the wall. If you decide to take this down, take a picture of how it was hung and then make sure you wrap it in something like bubble wrap or an old towel and store it in a safe place.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 21.10.02
Serino range from Iflo


Check the fittings that are on the wall – these are pretty bog standard (cheeky pun for you there) and you will be able to find a mirror or cabinet that will fit this and be a bit more up your street. The new Scandi range from Iflo, Serino, has a matt or gloss white carcass and a fjord door front – which will give your bathroom that stylish edge.

When it comes to getting that finish with a mirror stick to the aforementioned woods and matt finishes if the mirror has a frame. A round mirror is a really great way to bring a touch of the Nordic into the room too.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 20.25.27.png
Images courtesy of Houzz


Now you’ve washed your proverbial face in this post – let’s move on to the toilet. Before you grimace, this will potentially breathe new life into this area so bear with us! First of all, if you’ve got a loo-roll holder that’s attached to the wall, it’s time to get that screwdriver out. Again, like the mirrors and cabinets the fittings for these are pretty basic so you can swap this out for another if you want to make it your own. Just make sure you snap a quick picture so you can always put it back later. If you’re not feeling super confident about this, let’s have a think about alternative ways that the Scandinavian people love to stack their toilet roll. Wicker baskets stacked with the white paper can actually look really classy and will make a bit of a statement from the area.


Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 21.00.50
Images courtesy of Houzz


Again, when it comes to creating a cohesive look for your sanitary ware, the easiest thing to do is match your accessories. So this time we’re talking about your toilet roll holder and toilet brush. Have this pairing in sync will just add a little cohesion to the room. If you want to go the whole hog and still have the screwdriver on hand, why not change the toilet seat too? This one is only for the super confident though!

Right, enough about the toilet, let’s get on to something a little more sanitary and probably the place in the bathroom where you can have the most creative license – the shower. Let’s start with the basics: A shower curtain is a best way to change the look and feel of your bathroom. In terms of surface area, it’s probably the largest piece you can easily change in the room. There are so many cool options available now, rather than the classic white. For a Scandi-look, try something neutral and paired back such as a really simple striped pattern.


Thinking inside the shower, there’s a plethora of cool and easy-to-install shower caddies that will further secure that Scandi style. Think thin wire options to ensure you get the right look or try a bamboo and white option if you want to avoid the lime scale factor!

We love the idea of bringing greenery into the bathroom and this certainly cements the Scandi-look. You can put anything from ferns to spider plants in the room and the simpler the container, the better. The good thing is that if you do your research, these should be pretty self-sufficient as long as they can stand the steam and heat! You could even hang plants in the room by using Macramé string holders.


Macrame Plant Hangers from Breathing Nature
Macrame plant hangers from Breathing Nature – from £10.00


Have you got any suggestions for how to create a Scandi look in a bathroom? We’d love to hear your suggestions over on social media – don’t forget to use the #RentingRules hashtag…

Time for some private time in the bathroom,
David & Mark x

This post is a collaboration with Iflo. For more information on working with us, head here.

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