You move in and you’re greeted with blank white walls, the carpet is worn and you’ve got a contract the length of your arm listing don’t after don’t. However, there are ways to tackle the beady eyes of a landlord and make your rented home look spit spot, all without losing your deposit.

Get your teeth into a few of our top tips to make your rented space homely

Tip 1; Working with white walls

Rented rooms and properties traditionally come with white or magnolia walls. In honesty, neither are as bad as you’d maybe expect, you just need to know how to work with them and make the best of the situation. The common issue is that they start to look grubby at a quicker pace than other colours – because they are so pale they show the dirt easily – so the space can start to look tired rather quickly. But, you can combat this by simply giving the walls a freshen up with a colour-match paint, a paint roller and a bit of enthusiasm. Just make sure you get permission from your landlord first!







An all white paint is ideal for keeping the space feel fresh, bright and clean. Some say that creams and magnolias are making a return but we say that white is a safer option!






Tip 2; Good things come in small packages 

Short on space? Multi-purpose pieces are great for this. A compact dining table that can be easily extended and reduced in size offers flexibility in smaller rooms, whilst a sideboard or shelving unit proposes a perfect opportunity to squirrel bits and bobs away in drawers and cupboards whilst also providing space for some great display opportunities too.






In a world full of freelancers, creating a home office is key. Click here to read more of our tips and tricks for making the most of little nooks for spectacular working spaces!





Tip 3; Work with an accent colour

An accent colour, or an edited colour palette, works well when renting. It’s a relatively easy and effective way of introducing colour whilst tying the space together with a sense of theme. Too much colour, particularly in a small space, can look cluttered and create stress rather than calmness. Bring your choice of tones in via accessories, such as vases and candles.

They’re just three of our top tips! For many more, including some great furniture and accessory picks, check out our latest Style Stories with Next.



Have you put any of these into practice? Let us know!

David & Mark x

This post is a partnership and extract from an article with Next. For more information on working with us, head here.

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