AD / Paid collaboration with Briiv

There are two things that are hot topic in all of our lives right now – air quality and sustainability. So with that in mind, meet Briiv. Hailed as the world’s most sustainable air filter, this nifty little piece of kit keeps your air fresh (and looks pretty nice too!).

Before we give you the lowdown on how we’re using Briiv in our flat, we think it’s important to put the scale of why Briiv is on a mission to shake up the air purification market. At the moment, 15,000,000 air filters were purchased in 2019 and these conventional filters need to be replaced every 6-8 months. That means over 6,000 tonnes of filters go to landfill every year. 

Using three fully biodegradable filters, Briiv uses the natural micro-structures of moss, coconut, carbon and silk to filter the air, the way nature intended. Made from elephant grass and hemp, Briiv uses less plastics than any other air purifier on the market. And it’s all housed in a glass dome that looks right at home on our sideboard.

On top of the sustainability credentials, Briiv does a cracking job of cleaning the air in your room. Each unit has the filtration power of over 3,000 medium size houseplants. So, as much as we love our propagated spider plants, if you’ve not got the most green fingers, you can still have the benefits of an urban jungle without the upkeep.

We’ve had our Briiv for a few weeks and it’s been great to know – especially post-heatwave – that we can keep the air in our flat fresh while we’ve had to keep the windows closed to try and escape the inferno outside. The one thing we would report back on is that it can be a little noisy – but still not as loud as a fan. Each unit can clear a space of 6m x 6m (that’s an average sized room to you an I), so ideally you would have a single unit in whichever room requires a quick cleanse. Priced at £299, we would probably move it from room-to-room rather than invest in a few different units. But if you did want to protect more of your home or personal environment (think kitchens, guest bedrooms, nurseries, offices, hallways – you get the idea) then Briiv do offer bundles to kit out the whole home. 

So if you’re looking for an air purifier that is sustainable, does a good job and also looks pretty snazzy, Briiv is the piece of kit for you. Find out more about Briiv here.

We’re away to take a breather,
David & Mark x 

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