We’ve already been lucky enough to bag ourselves this little beauty from a local charity shop which we’re completely smitten with and now after a trip home to David’s parents for Easter we have another armchair lined up…


After taking up an upholstery course, this chair was given to David’s mum and step-dad to work their magic on, however, once David had his beady eye on it there was no letting it go.

The chair is seaweed green in a velvet material, which makes it sound horrendous, however it’s so darn cute! There is a little bit of work that needs to be done – the trim has come away slightly but simply needs to be glued back. It’s not the most practical of chairs as it’s quite small, but it’s perfectly dapper – all it needs is a footstool to keep it company and a cushion to set up camp.

That’s two armchairs we have now yet still no sofa… the hunt continues!

David & Mark x

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