The idea of upcycling is not a new thing, but with the rise in the vintage trend and consumer’s needs for cheaper options than before means that we are buying more and more second-hand goods. Certainly no strangers to it, we love buying something with a story. However, we don’t exactly have the funds to purchase a perfectly restored G-Plan sideboard every week! That‘s why websites like Freecycle are perfect for us.

Freecycle is based on the idea that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Who knows what unwanted items you have in your home that someone else would love? A not-for-profit website, the system encourages you to pass these items on free of charge, or browse for something you need. Sometimes it might take some hunting through the pages – and there are a lot of questionable items on there – but you might just find that perfect home addition you need.

Living with the Camelot scheme, Mark is no stranger to moving into a barren location which needs furnished immediately and this is when Freecycle is the perfect solution. Just by searching for the local groups in your area, you can find what items are readily available. Freecycle suggests finding items near you to save on burning excess energy and fuels to move them – sticking to their eco ethos. On the other hand, it’s also a great way of clearing out those unwanted items before you move.

One of the pieces we acquired from Freecycle is this fantastic table and chairs from a home in Balham.

table and chairs
Table and chairs from Freecycle set ready for a friend’s birthday brunch

It fits in perfectly with the current ‘interesting decor’ of the Camelot property in Tooting Bec, but will probably be too big for the humble one bedroom flat we are after! So once, we move we’ll leave it in the house or put it back on Freecycle – hopefully it will go to another happy home… and so the cycle continues!

Upcycle and away,
David & Mark x

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