After spying this cute little industrial-inspired bedside table in Mark’s friend’s flat, we started to think about how a bedside table can really change the aesthetic of a room. In this situation, the whole place could have gone a little bit Laura Ashley with a white wrought iron table (but potentially not the “Best Bitches” on the wall).


We are all for a colourful bedside table at the moment as it will bring a little flash into any room. Painted cabinetry experts, John Lewis of Hungerford, can create any of their bedside tables in any of their standard colours, as well as mixing a colour of your choice – ideal for a truly unique look. From the Pure range, these handle-free offerings have plenty of storage and would look great accompanying a bed from any era. Coming in at almost £500, it’s at the top end of our price range but it would be worth it for an individual colour!

JLH bedside tables
Customised bedside tables, from £495 from John Lewis of Hungerford

Also, a bedside that’s been on Mark’s radar for a while now is the Seattle bedside from dwell. A compact design shows a small drawer and storage shelf below a square top. Ideal for a smaller room, the table is not bulky but still has a storage element – perfect if we end up with a small bedroom! Currently priced at £99, these besides are certainly within our budget!

Seattle bedside table dwell
Seattle bedside table, £99 from dwell

Who doesn’t love a bit of Skandi style, and this Orbit side table from Red Candy is just the pop of colour we are looking for! A simple, yet classic design, we love the bright flash or orange this will being to the room. Priced at £124, it’s within budget and we wouldn’t mind the lack of drawer space!

Orbit side table Red Candy
Orbit side table in orange, £123 from Red Candy

However, the real dream is this retro-inspired, walnut sheathed beauty from Oliver Bonas. Featuring a wooden frame, flash of green paint and with storage and shelf space – plus a die for a drawer handle, I think we may have found a winner. Priced at £149 each, the bedside is a tad more expensive than we’d like to pay, but we would see it as an investment and something we’d want to keep for years to come.

Ned Wood bedside cabinet Oliver Bonas
Ned Wood bedside cabinet, £145 from Oliver Bonas

From the sublime to the ridiculous now, with this 3-in-1 offering from IKEA. We’re all for multi-function and a lamp, magazine storage and table in one does sound appealing. However, the table itself has left us undecided. Priced at £50, they are a steal and we do appreciate the orange flashes…

IKEA bedside table
Side table with lighting, £50 from IKEA

Sweet Dreams,
David & Mark x

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