As we’re looking at our provisional room date in September, we can’t really start looking for our flat just yet. However, we think it’s a good idea to keep one eye on the property market – the rent prices in the Balham and Tooting area in particular.

Imagine our dismay at seeing recent headlines such as “Enough room to swing a cat?” where Suzannah Butters looks at the rising price of rent in London. We’ve spotted some worrying images of flats in excess of £750 for tiny studio spaces, with beds next to cookers and rooms without windows. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re used to unconventional living situations, particularly the Camelot scheme but with our grand interiors aspirations, you can imagine how this is our idea of hell.

A tiny studio flat in London
Image courtesy of The Independent

While these examples may be extreme, the reality is that in buildings such as our coveted Du Cane Court, studio flats go for an average of £900 – but without the ridiculous cramp spaces. It’s a worrying time to be renting.

We’ve also seen headlines, for example in the Independent, about how a lack of available housing is causing ‘bubble trouble‘ – a volatile housing market where high demand and a lack of supply is driving up prices. You might think that property values are not of immediate concern to renters, but if the mortgage goes up for the landlord, the rent goes up for the tenant.

With all this in mind, Du Cane Court is looking like the least desirable option for us right now.

It’s times like this we need to keep an eye on the headlines and hope that the market stabilises in time for our move!

Hoping for smooth sailing,
David & Mark x

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