• Fashion: Going beyond retro

Tucked behind Oxford Street, just on the cusp of Soho, lies Beyond Retro. A haven for vintage and vintage style clothes for men and women, we’ve spent a lot of time (and money) in here. While on the hunt for the perfect summer shoe, Mark came across these woven sandals for the bargain price of £9. Not actually a ‘vintage’ find, but comfy and breezy none the less – just what’s needed in this heat! Roll on summer BBQs so they can get some action…

  • Interiors: Dinnertime dip

We’ve had our eye on this range from Tesco for a while now. It’s their new Summer range and we think it’s fab. The wood with the dipped ice cream colours are certain to brighten up dinnertime.

Collection starts from just £1.65…
  • Food: Being fishy queens

Sticks and sushi in Covent Garden has been on our list to visit for a while – and for good reason. The Japanese restaurant is based on a Danish concept and there are influences from both cultures in the food, drinks and interior design. At a recent work soirée, we had the Four Meal Drive Big – which features a mountain of sushi and gives you a real flavour of the menu. Priced at £90, it wasn’t cheap but we left with contented tummies and happy faces!

We’re glad to know there’s also a second location in Wimbledon – so we don’t need to venture too far when we make a return visit…

Flounder… Sebastian…? 😥
  • Places to go: Glasgow smiles better

We’re greeting this long weekend head first… by taking a four and a half hour train journey to the land of kilts and haggis. Goodbye dirty pollution and over-crowded tubes; hello fresh tap water and unnecessary underground subway system.

I’m on the wrong line…

(excuse us if we’re slow on the posting front, we have the obligatory family rounds to do).

  • Just because: Mind blown.

This is a GIF of a Vine of a Video of a Flipbook of a GIF of a Video of a Roller Coaster… yep…

Courtesy of thisiscolossal.com

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