Having experienced the cramped and claustrophobic conditions that come with sharing a studio when Mark lived in Walthamstow, the thought of renting a studio flat gets us less than excited. However, we couldn’t help but spot this quirky and cosy studio space on Dalebury Road.

Studio Flat on Dalebury Road
Studio Flat on Dalebury Road

Living in the roof space of a property is quite fashionable in London and with just a two-minute walk to Tooting Bec tube station and a stone’s-throw from Wandsworth Common – perfect for lazing around on during this warm weather – this little loft is a little gem. The property itself is well within our budget, with this flat coming in at £975 per month and fully furnished.

The flat does actually have separate kitchen, bedroom and lounge areas, so while it’s not your conventional studio space, we can imagine it’s still quite small. This has certainly got us thinking about how much space we actually need and what’s financially viable within our budget. We’d miss the extra space for entertaining, but the lower cost would mean we still could entertain. It’s leaving us in quite a pickle…

What do we do!?
Current mood.

It seems to be the eternal toss-up in London; do you rent somewhere you can’t afford to make your living conditions more habitable or do you want to experience all that the city has to offer? We remember talking to a (albeit inebriated) gentleman at Balham Bowls Club, who explained to us that he moved from Balham to Tooting Broadway which reduced his rent so much that it left him with plenty of extra pennies to enjoy a full and intoxicated social life!

So where do we look? Still keen to retain the SW17 postcode, somewhere in Tooting Bec is pretty much looking like a happy medium. With such excellent transport links with the Northern Line, it still seems like the best option – even through its sweaty and cramped conditions…

The Northern Line
“The next station is Clapham Common…”

What would you prefer; to spend more money on a flat or have money to live?

We’re off to muse upon this further,
David & Mark x

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