Between us we have a rickety flat-pack IKEA wardrobe with a wobbly shelf which buries David in a clothes avalanche each time he opens the door sending him in to an interiors induced rage and a rather anorexic wooden wardrobe from a ’90s uni dorm which accommodates 2 shirts, a jacket and one tie – no more. Here lies the hunt for the perfect clothes storage.

Originally we found a beautiful vintage wardrobe on Gumtree however at the last minute the seller decided to keep it subsequently breaking David’s heart. Onwards and upwards though, and in an attempt to ease the brain-ache of finding a wardrobe, rails seem much easier. A huge plus is of course transportation – there’s no need to be lugging and lifting, but ultimately, they look pretty cool.

At the weekend we were on Newburgh Street in Soho and ventured in to a pop-up where they had the most amazing industrial bronze piping which they used as a clothes rail, a great idea albeit a costly one. We researched in to this and you’re looking at around a starter of £100 and up for original piping. There are of course some do-it-yourself tutorials, and although we are pro doing things ourselves, we’re not quite pipe-savvy enough for this task.

However, D.I.Y railings can be done, and done well. In David’s office, there showroom space consists of two hanging branches – simply found in the woods, painted white and then extended from the ceiling by a very helpful and local odd-jobs man, it looks slick and stylish. Of course, for rented accommodation screwing nails in to the ceiling here, there and everywhere isn’t going to keep you on the good side of your landlord so best to keep that idea away for when the walls are your very own.

We do love this open exposed wardrobe style though.

Wardrobe 1
Image courtesy of Desire to Inspire
Wardrobe 2
Image courtesy of Michelle White (via Pinterest)
Wardrobe 3
Image courtesy of

There are some really great options out there, from the kings of storage IKEA

Mulig Clothes Rack, £6.50 from IKEA

To Argos and John Lewis

Clothes Rail, £45 from John Lewis
Adjustable Clothes Rail with Swing Out Lower Rail, £18.49 from Argos

Between us, we do have quite a lot of clothes (and even more shoes – but that’s for another post), so we may have to look a little further in to a larger railing system, much like this ‘jungle gym’ from IKEA!

It seems for now that unless we come across another amazing find on Gumtree which actually goes to plan then rails it is!

David & Mark x

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