We’ve had this post in the pipeline for quite some time now, but when we went to set it live we noticed that the cutlery which inspired it were no longer in stock on the website. Slap on the wrist for you West Elm! However, whilst having a recent browse online we noticed that, hallelujah, they’re back! Big kiss for you West Elm!

David, being the magpie he is, has had his eye on this cutlery set since an event we went to a few months back at the West Elm store.

Gold 5-Pc. Cutlery Set, £24 from West Elm
Gold 5-Pc. Cutlery Set, £24 from West Elm

Isn’t it pretty? With a matte gold finish, beautiful shape and in stainless steel, the set doesn’t just need to be for fancy dinner parties and special guests, oh no, it’s a sturdy set which can most certainly be used for everyday use. It has definitely jumped to the top of our ‘Must Buy’ list, until we saw the price, and unfortunately it tumbled down a few places. At £24.95 per set it’s not exactly within our budget, especially as we need to think about putting deposit money away and of course thinking about those extra pennies for a sofa.

With that said, as David is having ‘Be Our Guest’ style dreams we’re definitely planning on setting some money aside each month to buy a set or two, then build them up until we have at least four sets. Everyone’s a winner.

Whether you’re a prince or a pauper, here are some other alternatives to suit all budgets…

glamour argod
Living 24 Piece Glamour Gold Plated Cutlery Set, £34.99 from Argos
Biba Odette 24 Piece Gold Cutlery Set, £144 from House of Fraser
Gold Dipped Cutlery (five piece setting), £32 from Anthropologie
Cutipol Goa Matt Gold 24 Piece Cutlery Set, £300 from Amara

Ideal for adding a little luxe living and that golden touch to the home!

David & Mark x

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