It’s so strange – when we started the blog back in April actually coming to look and find a flat seemed like a million miles away. We always said that when the beginning of August hit we’d begin the search to find the perfect abode and it just so happened that on Saturday we decided to begin the viewings a little earlier and start the search. As you know, we took a look at a lovely place down in Tooting Broadway which had a happy yellow wall, white wash floorboards, big light windows and, the holy grail of London properties, a garden.

After putting in an offer and a few days of knotted stomachs, hoping and praying, we couldn’t be more delighted to announce that WE GOT THE FLAT.

We’re overjoyed and can’t wait for the beginning of September for the move in date. The letting Gods must have been looking down on us and this was the first flat we viewed and now with big sighs of relief (but perhaps some discontent of not been able to view and judge more places), the search has come to an end!

Now comes the financial, document and admin side of things (yawn) but once that’s done we have a new chapter to look forward to.

David & Mark x

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