As you’ve probably seen, our new flat is going to come with a few ‘period-esque’ features. We want to make the most of these and ensure our interior design works with them and not against them! We spotted these handy hints from Achica and we’re so glad those clever people have put together their ‘do’s and don’ts’ when it comes to decorating around these!


While it’s not a period feature as such, the fireplace and mantel in our new lounge is certainly traditional. Luckily for us, the landlord or previous tenant has had the foresight to jazz this up already with this striking yellow wall. This brings the varnished wooden fireplace up to date and in line with our interior style.

However, our eyes are drawn to those bookshelves. These are a feature we’ve always wanted but now we’re faced with the challenge of filling them and making the look homely. Achica tells us to mishmash ultra-modern accessories to bring parts of the room like this up to date.

Skull Candle

We already have a gold skull candle from Mark’s Dwell days in reserve for this, but we’re thinking some bright neon accessories, or using sample pots of paint to decorate jars – like this – would be a great to way to inject some colour.

Painted Jars
Photograph Leslie Shewring

The white painted floor is another part of the house we LOVE. It looks fantastic with the current geometric monochrome rug that’s featured in the letting agent’s image, but in harsh reality this rug probably won’t be staying. We desperately need something to cover the floor, as we want to be able to walk about comfortably in socks without the fear of sliding all over the place.

That’s why we’re delighted to have this colour-pop rug to take with us when we leave. The multi-coloured elements will tie in with the yellow wall and give the floor the lift it needs to look spectacular.

Colour Pop Rug

We’d love to hear your suggestions on what else we could do to make the most of these features – send them to us on Twitter or in the comments below!

David & Mark x

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