As our new pad is fully furnished, we now annoyingly have too much furniture. We both have our own beds and wardrobes which we now have to find a way to get rid of.

The wardrobe proved to be an easy task and one which provided much needed stress release – a simple, flat pack Ikea number, we disassembled and broke apart each rickety slat ready for a trip to the tip. One thing which was left behind was the mirrored door of the wardrobe which we’re going to paint and keep as a full length mirror, ideal!

Mark’s bed, a double divan, will be moving home down the corridor to his flatmate, a perfect solution. David’s bed however is proving a little more difficult to shift. So what is the best way to rid of furniture? A couple of options…

Gumtree is free to upload an ad. You can set your price, determine collection, add a photo and include any additional information you wish…

If we went to Freecycle we would have a likelier chance of getting rid of the bed, purely because it would be free. David ideally would like £30 for the bed (it was originally £70) so Freecycle is a no go unfortunately!

Finally, Facebook has many a groups for buying and selling in your area. Simply type in your area and the word sell in to the search bar and groups will appear where you can join and upload what you’re selling. We’ve put the bed up on these but haven’t had any response as of yet, nor off Gumtree for that matter.

Fingers crossed the bed will be gone by this week – if you know any other methods to sell items then let us know. In the meantime, if you’re in search of a bed and can collect from the Northwood area, then we know of a really great one up for sale!

David & Mark x

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