• Fashion: the future of fashion

The Next Black is a documentary film on the future of fashion. The film talks to some of the most innovative people in the industry today; from Studio XO who looks at technology meeting fashion and the science and structure behind garments (they’re the brains behind the tech side of Haus of Gaga) to living fashion from Biocouture as well as a look in to the demise of fast fashion and the entry of the aptly named slow fashion.

This is a wonderful insight in to sustainability, ethical fashion and the practices which are happening and shaping the future of fashion.

  • Interiors: welcome to the zoo

We love kooky – so when we spotted these paper mache creature masks by textile designer Abigail Brown we fell head over heels in love. They’re completely bizarre, wonderfully whimsical and each one is as sweet as the last. Lined on a wall, featured in a cluster altogether or simply choosing your favourite (however hard that may be) and have it adorn your wall would add that little bit of quirk that never fails to put a smile on your face!

Creature masks, start from £75 by Abigail Brown
Creature masks, start from £75 by Abigail Brown
  • Food: you just can’t beet it!

Ah, the humble beetroot. With it’s extreme staining purposes and it’s quality of reminding you of wasp ridden family picnics in the midst of a sweltering Summer. No longer is the beetroot just that vacuum-packed, vinegar jarred, sliced crap – no, no – now it’s a super food! Yes, that’s right, it’s joined the kale and quinoa gang.

After trying out a beetroot and horseradish burger recipe which required one raw beetroot, we were left with an overload of the little fellas (we got a full bowl of them from the market for £1 so can’t really complain). David therefore decided he’d try his hand at beetroot soup and my oh my do we now feel soup-er.

It’s a really easy, tasty recipe which also looks beautiful. If you want to give it ago and hop on the latest food trend then click here for the recipe.

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Just beet it, beet it.

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  • Places to go: Scents and sensibility

It’s Intoxication season at Kew Gardens where each week they’ll be looking at a well-known mind-altering plant! From the one we all know so well, alcohol, to cannabis, coffee and magic mushrooms. With talks, workshops and events, the season runs until 12th October.

Kew 1.jpg

  • Just because: Selfi(e)sh

A film by Matthew Frost and starring Kirsten Dunst, this short entitled “Aspirational” perfectly epitomises our infatuation of celebrity culture, invasion of personal boundaries and selfie obsessed society.

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