• Fashion: Miss Janet, if you’re nasty…

Mark is a HUGE fan of Janet Jackson so you can imagine the hysteria when we were introduced to Ted’s Draws, in particular this tee.

There is, however, David having a tantrum in the corner because there is also his ideal t-shirt – his spirit animal, miss Wednesday Addams – which is frustratingly sold out. Hopefully it comes back soon otherwise there is going to be some Wednesday-esque trouble, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Mark though is happily busting some moves in the corner to “What Have You Done For Me Lately”!


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  • Interiors: taking (f)light

When we were introduced to these beautiful soft furnishings by designer Anna Jacobs, David couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia for the below design from the ‘Welsh Reflection’ collection, which took him back home to Portsmouth and the Farlington Marshes.

The Anna Jacobs collection has not long arrived  in to the home of interiors e-tailer quiirk and features a selection of nature and bird inspired designs. We’re particularly fond of the ‘Breaking Dawn‘ collection as well as this ‘Seeing in Black and White‘ cushion.

Anna Jacobs lampshade, £85 available from quiirk
Anna Jacobs lampshade, £85 available from quiirk
  • Food: the littlest bar of them all…

Down in the depths of Tooting Broadway, passed the hustle and bustle and sitting sweetly on the corner of a row of shops is The Little Bar – and it’s exactly just that.

You’ll notice as you’re shoulder to shoulder with strangers clutching their El Diablo cocktails and Espresso Martinis that every newcomer to The Little Bar’s first words muttered are “it really is a little bar, isn’t it” – us not exempt from that statement!

Although it’s cramped and tightly squeezed it has such a lovely charm – the barman and women are friendly, the food scrumptious and the drinks each as tempting as the last.

Definitely worth a visit, and however much you prepare yourself for a little bar we guarantee you’ll be stating the size as soon as you enter.

Image taken from The Little Bar’s Twitter
  • Places to go: How a Man Crumbled

On Tuesday David sneakily bagged himself a +1 press ticket for the show “How a Man Crumbled”. Arm in arm with his old school friend and theatre critic Jess (read some of her reviews here), he headed down in to The Vaults under Waterloo station for the Mimetic Festival.

The show itself was only around 40 minutes long and told the story of three comedic characters who are intent on telling ‘The Old Woman’ story.

It was really bizarre and potentially went over David’s head a little but if you’re in to theatre a little bit peculiar then it’s probably for you!

You can find out all information on the festival here and about How a Man Crumbled here.


  • Just Because: a great Kickstarter…

David is a huge fan of Amelia’s Magazine so when he saw this Kickstarter project it was definitely something he wanted to back.

Amelia’s Magazine is 10 years old and to celebrate founder Amelia Gregory is creating a limited edition collectible artists’ book titled “That Which We Do Not Understand”, with a gold foiled cover and gold spot printing on every page inside, alongside an exclusive series of A2 limited edition art prints with real gold leaf.

Sounds pretty gorgeous doesn’t it?

Click here for more information of Amelia’s Magazine and here for the project. If it’s anything like how the print publications used to be, we’re very excited to see the outcome!


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