If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know we *love* a freebie. So, when David spotted this quaint little coffee table on the side of the road in Notting Hill we were over the moon. Having had buying one on our mind for a while, we thought this must have been fate!

Our new coffee table

However, being the cheapskates that we are, we didn’t want to pay around £30 for the courier from Notting Hill to Tooting so, after a little ponder, we travelled over one rainy Saturday and gave a pop at carrying it on the Tube.

taking our coffee table on the tube

It turned out not so bad in the end. We stuck to the bigger trains and between the two of us, carrying was no hassle. We’re glad we didn’t opt to pay for a van, as now we’ve got it completely for free! We guess being a little cheap pays off…

After being inspired by our trunk upcycle, we’ve got some ideas of what to do with this table. While it’s fine as it is, we want to make a little bit special. After seeing it with this Anouska Hempel book on top of it, we’re considering putting a gold band around the border as it would be a nice little statement addition. However, we’re keen to hear your ideas too – please do let us know below or on Twitter








Now keep your feet off,
David & Mark x

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