What comes to mind when it comes to dressing a Christmas tree? Those baubles out of the storage box (keeping in mind one is always broken), candy canes and the tired looking angel at the top. Yup, Christmas is predictable, but we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with a little bit of nostalgia. We just think it maybe time that you invest in something a little more contemporary to make it a little more exciting.

We put the feelers out and scouted for some of the most contemporary and quirky decorations available this year. There was a lot of the same, especially when you head to the major retailers – but this might just be because they can be so damned expensive to get a whole bunch! We are all about maybe picking one special decoration up a year so that in years to come, we can open that old storage box and get the overwhelming feeling of nostalgia you get when you’re back at your parents.

Here’s some of the best picks we’ve seen this year so far:

Ho Ho Ho Bauble £3 Urban Outfitters
Ho Ho Ho Bauble, £3 from Urban Outfitters
Felted Monogram Ornament £6.00 from Anthropologie
Felted Ornament £6 from Anthropologie
Aqua Glitter Ball Baulbe £2.75 from Potter and Rest
Aqua Glitter Ball, £2.75 from Potter and Rest
Personalised Polar Bear Christmas Decoration £2.45 Not on the High Street
Polar Bear Decoration, £2.45 NOTHS
Vintermys £4.50 Ikea
Hanging Decoration, £4.50 from IKEA
Bristle Tabby Cat Christmas Decoration £7.00 from Smug
Bristle Tabby Cat Decoration, £7 from Smug
Randolph £2.00 from Habitat
Randolph Decoration, £2 from Habitat



Hope you can hang around for some new ideas,

David & Mark x

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