This time of year we all want to be the great entertainer, but what are the staple things we all look out for at a party? Alcohol. Let’s not even try and lie about the situation – December is for indulgence and try as we might, we always end up eating and drinking far too much! However, if you’re hosting a little soiree – let’s make sure you have the best tools at your disposal.

We all love a good punch and there’s not enough of them at parties anymore… Well ones that are actually meant for enjoyment and not just to get us as drunk as possible. After a little wander in Anthropologie we spotted this rather opulent punch-bowl that was so over-the-top it’s quite amazing. Double-headed swan realness…

Grand Swan Punch Bowl from  Anthropologie - £428.00
Grand Swan Punch Bowl from Anthropologie – £428.00

I mean, if that’s not crying out for a party – we don’t know what is. It’s a little (a lot) out of our price range at the moment but we’ve definitely got this down as one of our life goals.

But what about those budding Tom Cruise wannabes out there? You’ll need something to create the perfect cocktail – and look the part while doing it. Luckily, the good people at Kelly Hoppen London have kicked off their sale early, bringing some of their more opulent gifty items a bit more into our price range. We think these are the perfect complements to any cocktail evening:

Bubble Cocktail Shaker from Kelly Hoppen London - £50.00
Bubble Cocktail Shaker from Kelly Hoppen London – £50.00

The Bubble Cocktail Shaker would make a great addition to your bar area, even if it wasn’t filled with some exotic spirit – and those bar tools are everything you need to create the perfect French Martini.

However, in the spirit of keeping things within our current budget – let’s have a look at something we can actually afford… And what could be better than these ornate floral glasses. Perfect for a cocktail, or for scooping punch out of the aforementioned bowl – plus priced at £2.95  – you can’t go wrong.

Floral drink glass from Dwell - £2.95
Floral drink glass from Dwell – £2.95

We’ve seen these glasses at our favourite local restaurant Zumbura, so we know they’re great. Glasswear can be so expensive sometimes, so it’s nice to see something so cheaply priced that we like and would use in any situation.

But hey, what’s the point in having all these fancy items if you don’t have some cool beverage to serve them up with? Let’s look to YouTube funny woman Mamrie Hart who lets us know ‘who deserves a drink’ on a regular basis – as well as serving up some tasty recipes. Here’s her nod to Frozen – we thought it was apt for this time of year:

Do you have any great recipes for Christmas cocktails? Let us know on Twitter!

Bottoms up,
David & Mark x

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