Apparently, in a lifetime, we spend 227,468 hours tucked up in bed… sleeping mostly, of course.


It’s suffice to say though that a bedroom is a pretty important place.

That’s why it’s important to make it a haven of peacefulness and loveliness. However, each of us have a completely different view on what makes the perfect bedroom.

The guys over at Amara have asked a host of interior designers, experts and bloggers – us included – to comment on what we think the ideal bedroom is and what makes it a little hub of happiness.

For us, it’s this wonderfully vibrant period style room. The bright yellow wall creates a contemporary feel but compliments the wooden floorboards and antique features such as the bed, chandelier and picture frames making it the perfect balance of new and old and keeping us both happy, Mark with the pop of colour and David with the vintage touches!

Image courtesy of Heart Home

Check out the other 50 bedrooms over at the Amara LuxPad here and why not drop us a comment below or tweet us and tell us what it is you look for in a bedroom!

Sweet dreams,
David & Mark x

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