It’s that time of year again when a creepy bunny breaks in to your home, litters it with teeth-rotting treats and then slyly hops away leaving you with a handful of sugar fueled children and a heap of recycling. Hooray for Easter.

On the flip side, ours is always spent snuggled up back at David’s parents where we get fed with huge roast dinners and cake all whilst having a red wine in hand. So I guess Easter isn’t ALL bad.

And on that note – here are some lovely Easter-themed gift and home ideas perfect for this time of year and all without a chocolate egg insight.


1. Planter, £50 from Graham & Green | 2. Kew Gardens Daffodils print, £4.99 from LTM | 3. Hare egg cup, £10.95 from Liberty | 4. Cushion, £50 from Out There Interiors | 5. Tea bag tidy, £2 from Wilko | 6. Hanky Box, £18.50 from Thornback & Peel

Merry wine weekend to you all, David & *hic* Mark x

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