While our flat is a little haven in South London, we have had our fair share of home improvement bothers… however, we’re lucky enough to have Mark’s dad on speed-dial for everything from a lack of hot water to doors that just won’t shut properly! This time we had a problem with a fuse that’s gotten more than a little annoying.

Once upon a Saturday we got up particularly early for a brunch (standard) and decided to pop the washing on and clean the flat. However, before we even got to plug the hoover in we got the ominous ‘click’ from the fuse box. Now, we know that it’s just a case of flipping this back up, but this time around we were in no such luck.

After panic ensued, we gave Mark’s dad a call who gave us these handy tips to see what the root of the problem was and what we could do to solve it:

  • Unplug everything. Literally everything – otherwise this won’t work
  • If, like us, there’s a pattern to the fault – like every time we turned the washing machine on, it would trip, try putting this on first
  • If the fuse goes when this happens, then bob’s your mother’s brother and you’ve found the problem and you can get on to more important matters…

  • If not, you’ve got a bit of a job ahead – repeat the process until you find the one item that is tripping the fuse

We hope you find this little nugget helpful. We sure did, although it now does mean a trip to the launderette – le sigh. Even though, we’re very grateful to Mark’s dad for the assistance – thanks Ian!

Desperately seeking electrical help,
David & Mark x

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