We’ve discovered a vintage gem and the best bit about it is that it’s a stones throw away from our humble abode in Tooting!

Image courtesy of Lola & SiDney

Situated on Garratt Lane, Lola and SiDney is a retro retailer with an array of incredible vintage finds, from 20s through to 60s with an abundance of mid-century wares as well as some great industrial upcycles, and from small accessories to crockery sets and larger furniture pieces, it’s the perfect destination to get your vintage fix.

We’ve had a couple of visits now and definitely have our eye on a few things, the prices are also extremely reasonable – perhaps a little dangerous seen as its right near us!

Definitely worth a Tooting trip, head here for all the details.

And if you’re in the area then give us a shout!
David & Mark x

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