Sleep is key, there’s no doubt about it. So, after a few years of bumpy mattresses and tired duvets, we couldn’t wait to change our bedroom from drab to fab and it’s bedroom and bathroom specialists Soak&Sleep who have been our answer to achieving a good nights sleep.

Soak&Sleep have developed their microfibre range in pursuit of perfection, and the luxury microfibre really is just about as squishy and cosy as quality goose down. We’ve opted for the Soft as Down range, a wonderfully cosy collection which is easy on the wallet. Now, we’re not sure about you, but in the transition between seasons we find that it’s always difficult to feel comfortable at night. This is why we’ve gone for their Spring & Autumn bedding.
A mattress topper has completely eliminated the nobbly buttons on our current mattress. Quite frankly, it’s like sleeping on a marshmallow! A peachskin duvet and two new peachskin pillows complete our collection. With a velvety soft finish, this collection is absorbent and breathable. In a world of polycotton and cutting corners in the search for a budget night sleep it’s refreshing to lay in something of such good quality – that won’t break the bank.
Pillows and mattress topper
Pillows and mattress topper

Also – here comes the science part. Microfibre is hypo-allergenic so it’s ideal for everyone in the home. Not only this, the duvets are guaranteed for five years – meaning Soak & Sleep really put their money where their mouth is in terms of their quality.

It’s safe to say that we had a great nights sleep. We even popped on some brand spanking new bedding to complete the look.


Sweet dreams really are made of these,
David & Mark x

*This post is a collaboration with Soak&SleepFor more information on working with us, head here.

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