We love new online retailers, so when we were introduced to A Splash of Colour we knew we had a new go-to interiors hub for all things furniture and homewares.

Focusing on two main aspects, colour and design, A Splash of Colour hosts an array of wonderful designers producing the best in contemporary interiors.

Not only that, but it’s also visually fab to look at! Let’s find out more…

Here’s our 5 minutes with A Splash of Colour founder, Natasha Broady…


Tell us about the first place you called home and how did you make it your own?

My first home was a one bedroom flat I bought in 2004. I was only 23 at the time but I knew I had a furniture addiction when I spent all my savings on a handmade Italian corner sofa. At the time all my friends would furnish their places in Ikea but I was obsessed with colour, texture, layers and above all, quality.

There are lots of interiors e-tailers on the scene, tell us what makes A Splash of Colour different…

“You won’t see the same thing at a friend’s house”

For me it is very much the focus on colour and the simple functionality of the site that sets it apart. I worked hard to get the search function just right, enabling visitors to be able to sort by accurate colour hues, or more general product types to find their ideal item quickly and easily. In terms of the product itself, I’ve carefully curated the store to make sure that there is a uniqueness to what I sell so that it feels original. Each and every item offers a unique talking point for your home. The majority of the collection is made by hand – you won’t see the same thing at a friend’s house, too for example.

ASOC - Lifestyle 1

There are so many lovely things on the website – what is the one essential product from A Splash of Colour which everyone needs in their home?

Thanks for the compliment I really appreciate that. This is the hardest question and it throws me every time as I think furniture is such a personal thing and I love everything I sell! One of my current obsessions is the new reverse glass ‘OH’ print. The combination of gold, black and yellow with the reflective paper makes it so stylish. I don’t have it yet but it’s top of my list of prints to add to my wall.

Archie Proudfoot ‘OH’ Print, £50

What advice would you give to those wanting to bring colour in to the home?

If you are afraid of colour then I suggest starting small. Buy one or two key pieces to test the water and build your confidence. I’ve seen so many homes where they have beige walls, brown sofas and nude cushions and it just looks so bland – with a small addition of a pop of colour either in cushions, art or in planters really does make a world of difference, and I guarantee you will have friends complimenting on your room updates. It is addictive, once you start, your love for colour will grow from there.

“If you are afraid of colour then I suggest starting small”

The great thing about being an independent retailer is that I truly care if my customers are happy with the end result, so I’m always more than happy to help on an individual basis – just drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do!

ASOC - Lifestyle 2

What colours do you anticipate to be hot in 2016?

Deep and indulgent colours such as forest green, navy and royal blue are going to be hot in 2016. We are seeing a lot of rich, sumptuous accessories combined with solid, raw furniture pieces coming through to offer a sophisticated take on the industrial trend for early 2016.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Click here and have a good old browse of A Splash of Colour yourself – we guarantee you’ll be wanting to come away with a basket full of goodies.

David & Mark x

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