Bathrooms, especially when renting, are usually quite basic. We’ve lucked out with ours – not only does it have a lovely waterfall shower but it’s also decorated with white tiles and deep blue walls. Don’t get us wrong, we’ve had our problems – mould-gate is still ongoing with the same ‘leave the windows open’ answer – but all  in all, it’s a nice enough bathroom. If your bathroom isn’t quite hitting the spot, or perhaps you’re just looking for a revamp, there are easy and inexpensive ways to give the room an update. Try a lick of paint, introducing plants, or updating with a new shower curtain.

We’ve decided to opt for a tropical meets British colonial style with some Art Deco inspired Biba pieces.


A simple touch of pattern, metallic tones and dusky pinks in these bathroom accessories sit perfectly with our existing ornaments and deep blue wall we previously mentioned – don’t you think?

We’re huge fans of Biba and this set from House of Fraser is the perfect contemporary update on the iconic brand. Including a soap dispenser, tumbler and soap dish our sink now looks suitably furnished and the plush towel means we’re guest-ready!


These little things really do go a long way!

David & Mark x

*This post is a collaboration with House of FraserFor more information on working with us, head here.

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